The Green House Perth

If you enjoy good food, you certainly need not worry about going hungry in Perth. There are plenty of very good restaurants offering a variety of different styles of cooking at affordable and perhaps not so affordable prices. On my first day in Perth I accidentally come across the Green House on St. Georges Terrace and decide to have lunch.

What initially attracted my attention as I walked past is that the entire façade is covered top to bottom with little flowerpots. Inside the garden shed theme continues and even the soup I order is served in rather a large flowerpot.






The menu is limited but offers some interesting dishes, whether it is just a snack you are after or a full meal. I am tempted by the pasta with lamb ragout, but eventually I settle for a thick cauliflower and almond soup, served with a garnish of fried onions and with a side order of warm sourdough bread with cultured butter and some fresh sea salt.

The food at the Greenhouse is good and has a decidedly ‘home made’ flavour and feeling about it, which is rather nice. And the portions are rather substantial!





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