Auckland – Takapuna Beach

Takapuna Beach lies about 50 minutes away from Auckland airport by car. It really is quite a beautiful spot. Fortunately it has turned into a lovely morning; the wind has subsided and the sun has come out. It is a perfect day to go for a long walk along the beach, watching the sunlight dancing on the surface of the water. From here you also have a good view of Rangitoto, lying across the water in the Hauraki gulf.


And then there is also the Takapuna Beach Café, which undoubtedly serves some of the best, most sinful breakfast food in all of the southern hemisphere. I am having thick pancakes with apple compote and caramel mascarpone. And to drink an ice chocolate made with vanilla ice cream, milk and hot chocolate sauce over it. Oh yes, and an apple and mint juice.


A day like this, to me, is complete and utter bliss – Thanks A.!

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