Cliffs of Moher

I think we were really lucky with the weather in Ireland. In fact we had sunshine every day we were there. In the mornings there was already that nip in the air that tells you autumn is quickly approaching. But apart from that it was sunny every day and warm enough to wear just a t-shirt.

And so, at the end of the first course day we decided to head out into the country to visit the Cliffs of Moher. The journey from Limerick, where my hotel is, to the Cliffs will take you approximately one hour, depending on traffic and on how comfortable you feel navigating the narrow roads (nice one, M.).

One way or another, if you get the chance and if you are anywhere in the vicinity of the Cliffs, you should definitely visit. There is a huge car park close by. The parking fee is EUR7.- per person, which includes admission to the area. From there it is about a five minutes walk to the entrance and the visitor centre.

We visited around six o’clock in the evening, just about the time the sun was starting to set. The visitor centre closes at 19:00. Perhaps that is why there were not that many visitors around and we had the place more or less to ourselves. I expect it must get rather busy during the day.

More information about the Cliffs of Moher


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