Brisbane by Bike

Perhaps the best way to get around Brisbane and see the city is by bike. Brisbane City Council provides an extensive network of rental stations from where you can pick up and return a bike to tour the city.

In order to be able to rent a bike, you first need to visit the CityCycle website and subscribe in the top left corner. You need to provide contact details and a postal code to set up your account. If you are a non-resident, your hotel’s contact information will do. You also need to provide your credit card details. The process is very easy and within five minutes you will have set up your account and received an email from CityCycle containing your user ID and password.

The screen on the column at the renting station will guide you through the process that will eventually allow you to unlock one of the bikes from its docking station and go cycling around the city.


There are different types of subscription. For a non-resident I would recommend a daily subscription. There is a daily charge of AUD2.- as long as you return the bike to a docking station within thirty minutes. So in other words, you will never pay more than AUD2.- a day, even if you rent a bike more than just once a day. Fortunately, there are so many rental stations throughout the city that the thirty minutes limit is easy to stick to.

By law you are required to wear a helmet when you are using a bike on the street in Australia. Some of the bikes at CityCycle come with helmet, others however do not. Every bike comes with a lock.

Cycling is permitted in the Brisbane Botanic Gardens. I leave you with a few pictures from there.


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