Lufthansa, Economy Class – Canadair CRJ-900: Luxembourg to Munich

Transport: Taxi.
Journey time: 15 minutes.
Price: EUR25.-

The course goes well. I leave Eurocontrol at 15h30. From the Kirchberg plateau to the airport the journey time is roughly fifteen minutes. I head straight for security. Quite simply because there is nothing else to do here – the facility is rather small.



Type of lounge: Luxair Lounge. It is the only lounge here at the airport and is used by most airlines.
Location: On the ground floor. After security, instead of turning right to go down the escalators, keep going straight ahead until you reach the sliding doors to the lounge.
Facilities: Toilets and showers are available in the lounge, there is also a work area with high chairs and a relaxation area with rather comfortable leather armchairs.
Catering: A selection of snacks if available, including salads, crisps, bread and cheese and a variety of pastries.
Internet: Complimentary wifi is available throughout the airport.





Luxair is a Miles and More airline, but not a member of the Star Alliance. To be honest, I am not really quite sure what the difference is and how that works. But I am glad even so that I have access to the lounge on this occasion because the rest of the airport is rather crowded and only limited seating is available.

Boarding is from A 15, which is a bus gate used for aircraft parked on a remote stand. I reach the gate just as boarding for the flight is closing. I head downstairs and the bus is already full. As I look around me at my fellow passengers, I notice a preponderance of seriously obese businessmen on this flight. And strangely enough, they all seem to think they are oh so awfully important. Is this what happens to you when you work for the European commission and spend three quarters of your time commuting back and forth to Luxembourg for largely unnecessary meetings?


Configuration: 2 + 2 in Economy Class. There are 78 seats in total.
Seat: 18D, aisle on the emergency exit.
Pitch: 30 inches.
Width: 17.5 inches.

The nice thing about the CRJ-900 is that there are two overwing emergency hatches, so there are eight available seats with better legroom. At the time of booking I had not reserved a seat, but when I checked in using the Lufthansa App, the aisle seat on the second emergency row was still available.

The cabin of Lufthansa’s European fleet really is depressing. The whole thing just looks so plain, drab and bleak in a multitude of different shades of grey. And I do not mean that in a kinky way.



There are two cabin crew working the flight today. They are not overly friendly, but at least they are trying… a bit. I think smiling must be quite painful for the poor things…

The meal consists of a boiled egg and cheese sandwich which has an interesting taste of essence de plastic with a hint of diesel infused mustard. Just lovely! But of course the ‘interesting’ flavour does not keep Mr Importantly Overweight in front of me from asking for two more sandwiches… To drink I have a diet Coke.


We land and taxi to a remote stand somewhere by the satellite of Terminal 2. And then from there we are squeezed into a bus and ferried to arrivals. I now have ten minutes before my next flight starts boarding.


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