10 Strait Street, Valletta

In Malta I usually stay at the Phoenicia. This time however, I had to make different arrangements because the hotel is currently under renovation, refurbishment and expansion. Of course there are plenty of hotels in Malta, but I wanted to stay in Valletta. First of all, because there are plenty of things to do and see in Valletta and there are many good restaurants. And secondly, because it is fairly easy to access any place on the island by bus from Valletta.

And so I stumbled upon 10 Strait Street via Air BnB. I was in flat 1, which is fairly large, and with two bedrooms each with a double bed. The location of 10 Strait Street could hardly be any better. Strada Stretta, as Strait Street used to be called, has a long history and is located just a stone’s throw away from all the interesting sights like the Upper Barrakka Gardens and St. John’s co-cathedral.

Especially if you are planning a long stay on the Maltese islands, I think 10 Strait Street may be a viable and far more pleasant option than a hotel.

And here’s the link to the website. Bookings must be made via Air BnB though.

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