The Inn at 7 Central Provincetown, MA


Provincetown is an interesting mix of vintage Americana and a gay cornucopia. What may sound a bit strange on the face of it though, works surprisingly well. Provincetown is a lovely place with a laid back and tolerant atmosphere. It is a perfect place for a beach holiday if you are looking for long, uncrowded beaches.

The Inn

In Provincetown I am staying at the Inn at 7 Central, which is a Bed and Breakfast. It is probably not so suited for families with children, because from what I gather, all rooms are for a maximum of two occupants only. The rooms are well kept and very clean. There is a television in the room and a bath with showers. There are no safes in the rooms though.

Breakfast is served on the patio on the ground floor, which offers enough shade and always has a bit of a breeze coming through. So it stays cool, even during the midday sun. Breakfast consists of fruit, cereals and lovely hot and cold dishes – things like a frittata or Caesar salad – which have been prepared on the premises and have that unmistakably great taste of home cooking. They even make their own buns at the Inn, which are served fresh and warm from the oven.

The Inn at 7 Central also provides complimentary beach towels and a wide selection of different types of sunblock. During the day, complimentary coffee and soft drinks are also available.

The location of the Inn is ideal, it is literally just a stone’s throw away from the main drag on Commercial Street.

I very much enjoyed staying here. Cory and Curtis, the owners, are really excellent hosts that go out of their way to make their guests feel at home. Their interaction with the guests is friendly and unobtrusive.

Here’s the link the to the Inn at 7 Central.

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