The 1898 Post Hotel, Gent – Belgium

The city of Gent lies roughly halfway between Bruges and Brussels. It is the second largest city in the Flemish part of the country and home to one of the largest and most prestigious universities in Belgium today. It’s also where my dear friend the mighty C. was born.

In Gent I’m staying at the hotel 1898 The Post, which is housed in what used to be the old post office. Obviously, the digits in the hotel’s name indicate the year of construction of the original building. The hotel is located right in the very centre of the old town, backed up against a picturesque canal.

The hotel from the outside

The design of the rooms and public areas is very masculine, with dark, earthy colours used throughout. It’s a very nicely designed hotel. The bar, which also doubles as the breakfast room, is located on the rear side of the hotel, away from the square, and has some great views of the canal.

You can also enjoy some afternoon tea in the bar, although strictly speaking it’s not an afternoon tea in the English sense of the word. In any case, I have a slice of the hazelnut and pecan pie with caramel and whipped cream with my tea time visit, which tasted absolutely marvellous!

My room is located on the second floor of the hotel, in what is basically the attic. The room is on two floors and overlooks the main square. The bedroom is located on the lower level, while the shower and sink are on the upper level. A lot of attention is given to detail, which is nice and adds to the old world charm of the hotel.

But perhaps the nicest room in the entire hotel is the Honesty Bar, which gets its name from the fact that it’s not attended and guests are just expected to put their name and room number down on the list should they consume anything. The bar is located is a tower on the corner of the building. During most of the day is captures the sun beautifully and just has a very cosy feel to it.

The city of Gent is a nice surprise. It’s quite busy when I arrive on Saturday afternoon, but with the large squares and the wider streets it doesn’t feel half as crowded as Bruges. Gent is an easy city to navigate through and has a very lively and cheerful feel to. Now this is a place I think I shall definitely be returning to!

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