Ghent – Café In Choc

Ghent certainly cannot complain about a shortage of chocolatiers. Right opposite the entrance to Gravensteen fortress on the fringe of the old town is Café In Choc, which specialises in indulgences of all kinds. Bascially, none of their dishes are what I’d call staple foods. You wouldn’t go there because you’re hungry. But if you’re looking for some good old comfort food, you’re certainly in good hands here.

The scones are very good and taste home made. What’s more, they actually have real clotted cream instead of whipped cream, which you tend to find very often on the continent.

Or you could also go with their pancakes In Choc, which is a dish of two pancakes with home made chocolate sauce and blueberries. So it‘s actually quite healthy, really…

2 thoughts on “Ghent – Café In Choc”

  1. The food looks good, though serving the jam in the plastic cup does make it look a bit cheap.

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