London – afternoon tea at the St Pancras Hotel

Afternoon tea at the St Pancras Hotel is served in the lobby lounge on the ground floor. The space is very elegant and retains the look and feel of an old railway station. However, the glass ceiling also means it tends to get quite warm. As it happened, during my stay in London the thermometer hit 30 degrees celcius…

As the place tends to get quite busy, if you’re serious about your afternoon teas, I would recommend you make a reservation.

What I forget to take a photo of, is the back of the menu, which has an extensive liste of teas on it. I’m a bit of a traditionalist with my teas, so an Early Grey it is.

First up, the sandwiches are served. I think my favourite was the egg and truffle sandwich on the far right in the picture below.

The brown and blue cake in the picture below is a Battenberg. Apparently the chef was inspired by the railway building’s brick and metal construction.

And… real clotted cream. How I’ve missed this!

Plain scones and the sultanas variety are served. My better half kindly agreed to take the ones with the sultanas. I’m not a fan.

This wasn’t an overly spectacular afternoon tea. It’s not one of those places that people will tell you about “if you’re in London, you just have to visit…”. But as far I’m concerned, it hit the spot nicely.

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