Seebad Bansin

Bansin was established in 1897 as one of three imperial baths on the island of Usedom, together with Heringsdorf and Ahlbeck. Following the reunification of Germany, a lot of money was invested in the three baths in the 1990s in a bid to improve their infrastructure and to generate revenues for the former DDR holiday spot. Today, Usedom is well connected to the mainland, and there are frequent and reliable rail connections to Berlin and Hamburg. There’s even an airport that sees mostly seasonal holiday traffic in the summer.

Bansin is very quiet. It’s not a place you go to if you’re looking for excitement or entertainment. The average age of visitors is somewhere between sixty and seventy, if I had to guess. In as much, life happens at a very leisurely and laid back pace here, which is really nice! A stay in Bansin is relaxing to the extreme, and that’s what I enjoyed about it. You can spend your days on the beach, walking in the dunes or just simply reading a book on the balcony of your hotel room.

Just watch out for the seagulls. One of them shat on the keyboard of my laptop while I was sitting outside on my balcony. Chapter 13 of my PhD thesis will always be remembered now as the chapter I was working on when the seagull poo incident occurred. I swear I could hear the bastard laughing at me as he flew away…

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