I spent the first years of my life in a tiny village on the southern tip of the island of Malta in the Mediterranean Sea. Wind permitting, arriving aircraft – mostly bringing tourists from northern Europe to Malta to enjoy the island’s mild climate – would fly along the eastern coast before drawing a graceful arc with the tip of their wings as they executed a 180 degree right-hand turn around the southern tip of the island to line up for arrival on runway 31.

As they came out of the bank, they would make landfall over St. George’s Bay. That’s when they would come into earshot. Whenever I heard an aircraft, I would dash out of the house and there, from the elevated position of our front porch, I would watch them slowly, gracefully and elegantly glide down behind a line of low hills that separated our village from the airport just a few kilometres away.

Of course, all this was many years ago and I am now an adult. But even so, some things never change and even today I still turn my head at the sound of an airplane.

So as you see, I have had a passion for aviation, flying and travel for as long as I can remember.

9 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hello – I stumbled across your website today while looking for photos of Swiss aircraft. What a treat. I share your passion for airliners and travel and find your stories and photographs absolutely fascinating. Amazing job.
    Regards, Stephen Mullis
    North Carolina, USA

    1. Hi Stephen

      Thanks for taking the time to comment and for the encouragement. I’m starting a bit late this year, first trip doesn’t start until the end of February. Do you travel much too?


  2. hi knightofmalta, will check in biz class f AUA Bkk – Vienna tonight, came across your review, wonderful, thanks
    kind regards Mag

  3. Grüezi William,

    Being from Zurich and a frequent flyer myself, I always truly enjoy the moments when I realize there is a new post about your travel adventures. Depending on the time of the day, I crab a cup of coffee or a drink and read your latest post, often comparing with my very own experience of bespoke airline, and/or aircraft, and/or airport.
    In the air since 1961, I’ve seen many places you write about, however my very own list of aircraft types flown for obvious reasons is far longer, starting with the Vickers Viscounts of BEA or Arkia, Avro 748 of Austrian, including a Boeing 707 of Dan Air leased by Air Malta flying from Zurich to your lovely island back in 1977.
    I always trusted your judgement till the moment I’ve seen your socks in your recent post on the way to Muscat! 😉 Just kidding, having been London based for five years, I love colorful socks. Actually I was more worried about what you were wearing at all seeing so much of your legs. But that mystery was solved in the following post…
    However I would say that the seat map of Oman Air’s Airbus 330-300 posted in your recent report about the onward journey to Kuala Lumpur is their old version with the original 1-2-1 business class configuration, whereas you’ve flown in the current staggered business class version with 2-2-2, though all with aisle access.
    Now I immediately need to dive into your latest report about your trip to Colombo – last time I’ve been there was on a Swissair DC-10-30 flight through Athens, Karachi and Bombay…

    Thank you for your great reports and keep posting!

    1. Hi Beat

      I’ll have you know those socks are on the cutting edge of the avantgarde! But seriously, thanks a lot for your comments. I think it’s always nice to get feedback from people who read the blog, whether it’s good or bad.

      I must say I envy you though. I would have really loved to try the Viscount and I think I would give an arm and a leg just to hear the sound of the B 707 spooling again…


  4. Hi William

    Gratulation for an interesting blog! I am fascinating as well from the Aviation Business, that is the reason, that I started to collect Airlines Teaspoons. Yes, it is a crazy hobby but it is not so commen like Safety Cards. Unfortunately I am not a frequent flyer as you are, so maybe you could think at me on your next trip and add some new spoons to my Collection?? I would be very happy to swap the Airlines spoons against Swiss Chocolate or something else in return 🙂 Best regards and keep on going with that blog

  5. Hi William,

    What a wonderful blog! I enjoyed reading of your experiences at Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong – which I am all too familiar with, but more especially about SAS to / from China. Helped me get a feel of what to expect on an upcoming trip with them.

    Looking forward to browsing your other trip diaries over the next few months… (years?!)

    Best wishes


    1. Hi Nik,

      Thanks for taking the time to write a comment. It’s always nice to hear/read that people are enjoying the blog. I started writing originally because I was travelling more and more for work, and figured it would be a good way to pass the time. I didn’t ever think I’d be travelling so much for so long…

      In any case, I hope you’ll enjoy SAS. They’re nothing spectacular but definitely solid.

      Best wishes,

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