Miss Moneypenny


I can highly recommend a shop in Chicago which is called The Art of Shaving. They sell just about everything from shaving creams and aftershave lotions to shaving brushes and those old school shaving blades you can really quite easily slit your throat with if you do not watch it and do not quite know what you are doing.

I suspect sales for this kind of razor must have skyrocketed following the release of the last James Bond film. Who could possibly forget that scene from Skyfall in which Moneypenny helps Bond shave while the audience looks on – eyes bulging and glued to the screen – wondering if perhaps she might be one of the bad guys about to make an attempt on James’ life. But all goes well, and because Bond is a gentleman who kisses but never tells, there is a cut and the scene changes before we become witness of just how well the shave went for him…

But I digress. The staff at The Art of Shaving are really nice and if you are interested, you can go there and get a shave. Their barber will also teach you how to use one of those long razors without accidentally, brutally bleeding to death.

Going Topless and Anthropology

I never would have anticipated that it would be so humid in Chicago. Fortunately the sun is still hiding behind the clouds as I step outside just after nine. From the Langham I head south to the Millennium Park to have a look at that infamous Bean. And I must say, it really is rather cool how clearly the surroundings are reflected in the building. Eventually I think I spend about half an hour cavorting in front of the thing and taking a whole series of embarrassing selfies that I must really never show to a living soul…


From The Bean I head east until I hit the lake. Perfect weather for a stroll along the shore. This is an excellent spot to do some serious people watching. Especially the sporty ones. To be sure, it is not my intention to belittle their achievements and performance. But it is just so funny to observe the social interaction between the sexes – even if it is all nonverbal and very subtle. Eyes swiftly grazing, assessing and evaluating.

There is a dress code. This season these funny stocking type things seem to be à la mode with the ladies. I am not sure what they are supposed to be good for – the stockings – except that they cover the lower part of the leg and probably make you sweat like something nasty.

For the gents a run along the shore is a good enough excuse to get their kit off and go topless. Some of them indeed look rather amazing as they push past you in vigorous, powerful strokes. Others alas, had better kept their t-shirts on. But it takes all sorts, they say…

Eventually, my foray into the exciting and highly entertaining domain of anthropology and social behaviour wears me out and I decide it is time for some heavy duty shopping to revive the spirits.