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TGV Lyria, Business First: Paris Gare de Lyon to Basel SBB

The meeting at ICAO ends just after noon. But by the time everybody has said good bye to everybody else and pretended the whole situation isn‘t just one big fat mess caused by ICAO and EASA together, it‘s gone 13h … Continue reading

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TGV InOui, First Class: Luxembourg via Mulhouse to Basel

I leave the Novotel Kirchberg at 10:06. My train back home doesn‘t leave until 11:24. But I figure I might as well get a move on, with my business here in Luxembourg done. Mudam is the tram stop closest to … Continue reading

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SNCF, TGV InOui – Classe Première: Basel via Mulhouse to Dijon

In August 2019 the Frankfurter Allgemeine, one of the most prestigious German-language newspapers, published an article that went by the somewhat unflattering title: “Höllenritt im ICE”, which translates roughly as “A hellish ride on the ICE”. Somewhat less extraordinary than … Continue reading

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TGV Lyria, First Class: Basel to Paris

I‘m on my way to Paris. I have a meeting with ICAO at their regional head office for Europe and the North Atlantic. Instead of taking the plane, this time round I‘ve decided to take the train. Basel has the … Continue reading

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Virgin Trains, First Class: London Euston to Lancaster

INTRODUCTIONI’m on my way to Lancaster for the graduation ceremony. This is the third Master’s degree I’ll be picking up. I then start on my PhD at Lancaster University in January. GETTING TO EUSTONIn London I stayed at the old … Continue reading

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TT-Line – by boat from Rostock to Trelleborg

Yesterday, Saturday 25 June 2017, I took the boat from Rostock in Germany to Trelleborg in Sweden. The weather was simply brilliant with isolated bouts of raining and a temperature that never went above 17 degrees Celsius. Lovely! The service … Continue reading

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Amtrak, First Class – Acela Express: Boston South Station to New York Pennsylvania Station

GETTING TO THE STATION Transport: Walking. Journey time: 15 minutes. Departs from: Long Wharf. Arrives: Amtrak South Station. The boat from Provincetown arrives at Boston’s Long Wharf in the old part of the city. It is 12h35 as I step … Continue reading

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RENFE, First Class – AVE: Madrid to Cordoba

INTRODUCTION This trip review is a radical departure from my usual theme in that it is a review of a trip I make by train and not by plane. Date: Friday, 27. April 2012 From: Madrid To: Cordoba Carrier: Renfe … Continue reading

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