La Grande Maison, Savièse

Savièse is a small village perched high up in the hills above Sion in Canton Wallis. From Sion’s railway station Savièse is 8 kilometres away, with the road winding up some very steep hills. The journey will take you roughly 20 minutes by car.


The Grande Maison is a charming little hotel with seven rooms and feels more like a Bead and Breakfast than a hotel. The building is two hundred years old and most of the rooms are elegantly finished with dark wood panelling. Quite obviously, the proprietors of the hotel have gone to great lengths to restore the building. The rooms are spacious with clean and modern looking bathrooms and furniture.


There is a restaurant in the basement of the building, which opens up onto the terraced garden. The food that is served is good and has a nice homemade feel to it. Breakfast is served in the communal room on the first floor, where guests sit together to enjoy a hearty and rich breakfast. On the first floor there is also a lovely sundeck, from where you have some spectacular views of the valley below.


I very much liked staying at La Grande Maison. The hotel is quiet and very relaxing and the staff were all really friendly and chatty but without being intrusive. Oh yes, and they have two lovely and pretty enormous cats, which are just complete sluts and willing to purr for just about anybody who will give them the time of day and scratch them between the ears!

Here is the link to the hotel.