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Qantas, Business Class – Airbus A 330-200: Perth to Brisbane

INTRODUCTION At this point you’re probably wondering why the heck I didn’t just fly directly from Bangkok to Brisbane, instead of taking the detour through Perth. It’s a long story and I’m not even going to attempt to explain. It … Continue reading

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Thai Airways, Business Class – Boeing B 787-8: Bangkok to Perth

INTRODUCTION It’s just coming up to six in the morning and I feel like the lead villain from Zombie Apocalypse – assuming, of course, that the lead villain of such a movie would himself be a zombie. I’m bleary eyed, … Continue reading

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Eating out in Perth

Breakfast There are many places to have a good breakfast in Perth, whether it is the healthy options you are after or the full English. I can highly recommend a bakery/patisserie that goes by the name of Jean Pierre Sancho … Continue reading

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The Green House Perth

http://www.greenhouseperth.com If you enjoy good food, you certainly need not worry about going hungry in Perth. There are plenty of very good restaurants offering a variety of different styles of cooking at affordable and perhaps not so affordable prices. On … Continue reading

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