Hello and welcome to this travel blog!

This is an online travel journal about the journeys I have taken. I hope you may find in it useful information about airports, airlines and hotels and their products and services. Perhaps you will also find here some inspiration for future places to visit and journeys to take.

– William

21 thoughts on “Welcome”

  1. Hey mate, I am not sure if there is any way of messaging you privately. Can’t find it. I discovered your amazing blog tonight. You just won another reader!

    I am a young Aviation Management undergrad student living in Germany, and I just read in your last report to YUL where you said you went to the ICAO there. Do you work for them? It would be my dream! Don’t hesitate to contact me privately if you have time for a couple of e-mails about your airline-related experience! I also grew up looking up at them passing by.. 🙂

  2. Hi there Knight of Malta.

    I am reading your tripreports with great pleasure – talented writing and excellents pictures makes it a delight. And you tend to choose destinations I like as well 🙂

    Find your website via airliners.net, but I prefer the design here way more.

    Keep up the excellent work mate.


    1. Hi Anton
      Thanks for your kind words and for the encouragement. It’s nice to know that people are finding the blog and enjoying the posts. Some of these trips I take for leisure, whilst others are for business. But the enjoyment of flying is always the same.

      – William

      1. Hi again,

        No worries.

        Oh, and I like when you tend to include Info on where you are staying along with a few pictures. It really completes the trip report – I work as a travel agent and let me just say you have great taste in accomodations.

        One question though, it seems that you tend to choose KL for your YUL travel. I would prefer BA or AC if it was me – why KL? 🙂

  3. Hi Anton
    About KL and my trips to YUL: BA use the B767-300 to Montreal, which really is getting a bit long in the tooth. The Business Class seat on these birds is still the old one, which is now a bit tatty. You’re sitting very close to your neighbour, whom you are facing, and the privacy screens are about to fall apart. So there is nearly no privacy at all.
    Air Canada has a nice product indeed, but from Zürich they only fly to Toronto, which would mean changing planes in Canada, which I prefer not to do. Air Canada does fly from Geneva to Montreal, but as I live in Basel that would mean a train journey of about three hours to get to Geneva airport.
    Of course there’s always the SWISS nonstop service. But I think I may have overdosed on SWISS somewhere along the line. I really can’t stand them anymore.
    KLM fly from my home airport, their service is always very friendly, the food is good and, most importantly, they fly the mighty MD-11 to YUL. I love the MD-11, such a graceful and powerful bird!


    1. Haha, good point. The 767 is indeed old, and the MD11 very charming. However, I figured lie-flat beds would be preferable on the eastbound route.

      You could do AC, take the trip from BSL via FRA to YUL with LH operating the BSL-FRA.

      But I do agree with KLMs excellent service – so friendly.


  4. Hi William,

    I’ve been reading your blog for some time. I really like the style you wrote and the photos you took.
    I’m not a frequent traveler like you(I’ve had 1 business trip and 3 personal trips so far this year), but every time when I am in an airport or sitting on an airplane, I just couldn’t help but paying attention to every thing that’s going on around me. From the decorations in the airport to the in-flight meals, every single little detail fascinates me. I guess I can call myself an amateur aviation enthusiast 😉
    I think your blog is excellent, keep up the good work.

    William from Macau

    1. Hi William

      Thanks for your message and the encouragement. I can pretty much relate to what you describe. I always have my Kindle or a book with me on my travels, but somehow whenever I’m at an airport I get distracted by all the stuff going on around me.


  5. Hi William,

    I am former Transport Studies student at Loughborough University and for the past 7 years have been working in General Aviation, for a large aircraft management & charter company, so spend more time working on private jets rather than commercial jets. Been following your blog for a while now and find them wonderfully interesting and recently extremely useful went sorting a crew swap on the fly in Tokyo. Your posts were detailed enough that it gave me a some situational awareness in a location that would have otherwise been totally alien to me.

    Keep up the great work 🙂


    1. Hi Richard

      Thanks for taking the time to comment and also for the support. It’s always nice to hear that a) people are actually reading the stuff I write and b) that is was actually of use to you. I’d be interested to hear about your studies at Loughborough. When we set up our Bachelor’s Degree Programme in Aviation at the ZHAW – Zurich University of Applied Sciences there had been a long discussion whether it wouldn’t be better to broaden the context and have a degree in Transport Studies, which could then include aviation.


      1. Dear William,

        Would be more than happy to talk about my time at Loughborough… not sure if there is a facility on this website to send a private message as I’d like to avoid posting my e-mail address if I can 🙂

  6. Hi William,
    Your latest odyssey with LH to Haneda doesn’t seem to be posting. My software or something else ?

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