The Nest Hotel Incheon

If you are looking for a good place to stay in Seoul that is close to Incheon airport, there are a number of options. Probably the closest hotel to the terminal facility is the Grand Hyatt, which seems to be operated as a franchise by Korean Air. The Grand Hyatt is a nice enough place and perfectly adequate for a short stay.

This time though, I am staying at the Nest Hotel, which is slightly farther away from the airport. There is a free shuttle bus to the hotel that leaves every thirty minutes at 15 and 45 minutes past the hour. The journey from Incheon to The Nest will take approximately ten minutes to complete.


The Nest Hotel only opened in autumn 2014. Modern industrial probably best describes the architecture and style of the hotel. It is a very stylish establishment that manages to pull off the whole design hotel thing without seeming pretentious.


The rooms are elegantly appointed in an understated way, with a lot of wood and bare concrete.


I wonder if you can connect the toilet’s mission control to the iPhone via Bluetooth…?


There is only one restaurant which serves mainly Western food with a Korean Twist (Think Pasta Bolognese with a side order of pickles). The quality of the food is excellent, especially the desserts.


The hotel also features a sauna, spa and gym. The latter is pretty well equipped, with a good selection of cardio machines and weights. It even has a boxing ring!


I like The Nest a lot. In fact I shall be staying here on my way back to Europe and again in August.

The link to the hotel’s website is:

However, unless you speak Korean I would suggest making your reservation through a booking engine like Agoda or

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