Here’s the link to the hotel.

There is something very ‘empire’ about Sri Lanka, but it’s kind of hard to put my finger on it exactly. Maybe it’s the groups of men you come across standing around playing an improvised game of cricket in the blistering heat, or the tea with milk that is omnipresent. Or perhaps it’s just the hotel I’m staying at.

The Galle Face Hotel officially opened its door for business in 1864 and is one of the oldest hotels in Sri Lanka. The facility has recently undergone renovation and has been restored to its former splendour.

The location of the hotel could not be better, right on the sea front. When you’re sitting up on the veranda you can hear the waves crashing against the rock and watch the palm trees listing precariously in the breeze.

The grounds of the hotel are very well laid out, with a trim green lawn in the courtyard. There are two wings in the hotel, the old wing is from the original building, whereas the new building is a much more recent addition. I opted to stay in the older building and had an old but nicely renovated room with dark wooden floors and thick, soft carpets.

Oh yes, and they also serve afternoon tea!


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