Palazzo Barbarigo Venice

In 2007 I visited Venice for the first time. The Hotel Palazzo Barbarigo had only just opened and was therefore offering exceptionally low rates, especially considering that the albergo is situated right on the the Canale Grande.

I arrived in the evening, after dark. The hotel had sent a little vaporetto to pick me up and take me to the hotel. I couldn’t really make out anything much outside because of the darkness.

Upon arrival at the hotel, I was informed that I would be the only guest in the whole hotel that night. And therefore, even though I had booked an absolutely rock bottom rate, I was given a room overlooking the Canale Grande, so I would have a view in the morning.

I honestly don’t remember much else about the hotel, except that the landside entrance was down a very small alleway way that I’m sure I would have missed if I’d arrived on foot.

I took the trip in December of 2007, which perhaps will explain the relative lack of crowds.

In any case, with COVID-19 it’s really not a good time to be travelling. And that’s what makes memories such as these all the more precious now – as a place to escape to within the confines and safety of your own mind.

The view from my room
The alleyway leading to the hotel is just to the left of the green door in the foreground
Piazza San Marco
The Campanile
The view from above
Approaching the Rialto bridge

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