The Datai Langkawi

The Datai Langkawi is a beautifully laid out facility draped on a hill that gently slopes down to the shores of the Andaman Sea. The main public areas are roofed but are otherwise open to the elements. The main building is up on the hill, and so are the rooms.

Further down the hill then, there are the the garden villas and eventually the beachside villas by the water. Some of the villas have their own pool, but there is also a large communal pool up by the main building.

On request, the hotel will also do a lovely afternoon tea with all the trimmings.

Just one word of warning for those of you who are perhaps a bit nervous around the creepycrawlies: The Datai is set in a forrest. As such, while there are quite a few sweet little monkeys in the trees, you should also expect quite a few bugs, geckos and frogs. I found it quite poetic to sit upstairs in the lounge with a drink in the evenings, listening to the sound of the forrest around me. But it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

While I was there, I caught this guy taking a dump right on my doorstep…

2 thoughts on “The Datai Langkawi”

  1. Was there last year… well at the Andaman resort next door (only two resorts on the bay) for a wedding. Lovely place

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