Budapest – Confiserie Gerbeaud

The Confiserie Gerbeaud is a bit of an institution in Budapest. The establishment gets its name from its founder, Emil Gerbeaud. Gerbeaud was an excellent confiseur and an entrepreneur from Carouge, on the shores of Lake Geneva. In the mid-1800s he moved to Budapest, which was just emerging as one of the seats of power of the Austro-Hungarian empire, and eventually established his confiserie in 1858.

Gerbeaud’s sits on Vörösmarty square, just a stone’s throw away from the Danube and the Chain bridge. The interior is decorated in the style of a Viennese cafe with high, vaulted ceilings, elegantly draped heavy curtains and small, round marble tables. There is also a large outdoor sitting area overlooking the square.

One of Gerbeaud’s signature pastries is the Kipferl or Bejgli, a buttery shortcrust pastry filled with a paste of either poppy seeds or walnut and then baked.

In the interest of scientific research, I also tried some of the other creations Gerbeaud’s has to offer. The lemon and lime tart I can highly recommend. They also make an outstanding cappuccino.

And if you need something savoury and healthy, the avocado toast is also quite nice.

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