The Chedi, Andermatt

For the long Easter weekend I really did not fancy getting on a plane. Or rather, I did not fancy having to spend hours in a queue at security somewhere. And so, I decided to visit Andermatt in the Swiss Alps instead. The Chedi Andermatt opened for business back in 2013 and at the time it caused quite a sensation – promising unrivalled and unprecedented luxury in Swiss ski resort tourism.

Getting to and from Andermatt is quite a journey, but it’s certainly worth it. I will be posting on that separately. Once you arrive in Andermatt though, the Chedi is located literally on the other side of the street from Andermatt railway station. The station for the cable car to the Nätschen and Gütsch ski slopes is also just a sort walk of five minutes away.

A few design elements from the Chedi in Muscat, Oman have been carried over into the design of the Chedi Andermatt. Mostly though, the two hotels have a very different look and feel. At the Chedi Andermatt a lot of wood panelling has been used, presumably to lend the place a bit of rustic Alpine charme.

The Delux Room

I stayed in a Deluxe room on the fourth floor. The deluxe category is the basic room type.

The room was very spacious and felt very comfortable. It came with a large balcony overlooking the main street of Andermatt and the Nätschen. There was also a fire place available that was visible both on the inside and outside.

The bathroom was also quite substantial and came with the same Aqua di Parma amenities they have at the Chedi in Muscat.


Guests are asked to avoid taking photos of the public spaces to respect the other guests’ privacy, which is why I did not make that many photos. The Chedi Andermatt has a large spa area with a long heated pool that also has an outdoor area, a sauna, gym and therapy area. During my stay I tried the Balinese massage, which did wonders on my shoulders and upper back area, even though the therapist only used moderate pressure for consideration of my slipped discs.


During my stay at the Chedi Andermatt I tried the Japanese restaurant and the main restaurant for dinner. I also had the afternoon tea in the bar. I have to say that I was very impressed by the quality of the food. The Japanese meal was authentic and very nicely presented, and in the main resturant I had an Indian Dal that was just brilliant. It was flavourful and decently spicy. Althouh it was also way too large for one person to finish on their own. The tea was also very nice. Although I find it interesting that in Switzerland when you have afternoon tea, they tend to neglect the sanwiches and savouries. And that was the case here too. But that’s really just complaining at a very high level.

The Staff

Without a doubt, in my book the hotel’s best feature was its staff. They were truly excellent, always polite and so attentive. Nothing every seemed too much trouble and they were very proactive in dealing with the guests. What I found noticeable was that I only encountered two members of staff during my stay at the Chedi Andermatt that spoke Swiss German. And that probably helps to explain the exceptional level of service at the Chedi: as a rule, service is not something the Swiss do well – to put it nicely. It’s not that they unfriendly or anything. It’s just that they’re usually not very polished in their manerisms and their interactions with international customers. Of course, these are things that could easily be remedied with good training. The problem in Switzerland though, is that most of the locals nowadays are not inclined to work in the service industry. And even if they were, proper training is usually too expensive in Switzerland. In as much, the Chedi Andermatt certainly has done an excellent job in making sure its staff are consistent in their service delivery.

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