Qantas, Economy Class – B 737-800: Adelaide to Perth


Airlines: Qantas
Boeing B 737-800
Economy Class
14A, window
22. August 2013


I spend four blissful days at the Barossa Pavilions in Lyndoch, a small rural town just under one hour away from Adelaide airport. The locals here are a very relaxed and friendly bunch. Wherever you go, somebody will strike up a conversation and once they realise you’re not a local they’re only too happy to help you make plans for things to do and places to visit. This truly is my idea of complete and perfect relaxation.


Getting to the Airport

In theory the journey by car from the Barossa Pavilions in Lyndoch do Adelaide airport should not take longer than about an hour to complete. As you approach Adelaide there is currently some major roadwork in progress, which poses a serious challenge for the GPS. So eventually it takes closer to 100 minutes to make the journey, including a fuel stop.



The airport has changed dramatically since I my last visit sometime during the nineties. In fact I’m not even sure if the original terminal structure from back then is still standing, or if they simply demolished the whole thing and built the current facility from scratch.


I checked in for the flight the evening before using the Qantas App, which allows you to check-in for domestic services. Once you’re checked in, you can elect to have the board pass transferred to your Passbook App.

The Lounge

The Qantas lounge here in Adelaide is positively enormous. It’s also nearly deserted today. The lounge is very well stocked. There is a huge business area as you come in, right behind reception. The food options are very good, with an interesting selection of hot and cold dishes. In addition to the self-service drinks bar, there is also a separate bar where you can order all sorts of things.


So I get myself a bowl of pumpkin soup and a selection of items from the antipasto buffet and settle down by the window overlooking a small part of the apron. The three turboprops parked here don’t look as though they’ll be going anywhere much anytime soon, but that hardly matters.



At 13:53 my iPhone goes off and alerts me that boarding for the flight to Perth has started. I take a last sip of my Ginger Ale, make a quick pit stop and then make my way to gate 22, from where my flight is in fact not yet boarding.

Not my plane…P1090622

I wish…

One must be realistic about one’s expectations…

On my way down to the plane I grab myself a pair of earphones before heading down the airbridge.

The Cabin

I turn right into the cabin, only to find that the aircraft is still in the old configuration and with no individual screens. But never mind, I have my music and I have my Kindle. Let the journey begin.


The Crew

The crew on this flight is a bit of a mixed bag. The cabin crew are all ladies and there are five of them. With the exception of the purser they all seem genuinely friendly. The purserette however is a bit irritating. Her announcements are just a tad overdone with the marketing bull – she’s just a bit too enthusiastic. Generally speaking enthusiasm for your work is a good thing, especially if working with people is your business. But her eyes betray her, and while her voice is smiling – her eyes are not.

Departure is on time and the pilot is obviously in a flaming hurry to get us off the ground. We haven’t even properly lined up with the runway when he applies full throttle and we go thundering down the runway. Shortly after take-off we cross the beach, Glenelg I presume, and head out to sea. For most of the journey ground visibility is very limited due to the clouds, making it impossible to know what route we took.


The Meal

Oh Qantas, that meal. You have made an old man so happy. Well I’m not quite that old – yet. I’ve still got more than a month to go before I hit 39, not of course that I’m counting or anything of the sort. But I digress. My point is, the meal Qantas provides on this flight today is something like a trip down memory lane. The smell, the appearance and even the taste of the food bring back fond memories of carefree adolescence, when the mere prospect of getting on a plane would give me sleepless nights for at least a month in advance with excitement and when a hotmeal in Economy Class on a sector of 90 minutes was considered perfectly normal in Europe and only the really dodgy airlines would stoop so low as to use – dare I say it – plastic instead of proper plates and cups.

There is a choice of beef pie with green beans and mash or sweet and sour chicken with steamed rice. I go with the beef and I really must say, it’s quite delicious. On the tray there is also a bun with some butter, a small packet of tic tacs, a small bottle of still water and a very rich Belgian chocolate Brownie.


To drink I have a sparkling apple juice. And I am even given the full can!


The tempo of the meal service is swift and efficient. The crew leave enough time for everybody to finish their meal, but without keeping you waiting an eternity for them to remove the tray.

After the meal I count two drink runs with still water from a tray. Not bad.


Arrival in Perth is twenty minutes ahead of schedule. I’m looking forward to being back in a time zone with no half hours, it’s just all so confusing!


In Perth I’m staying at the Crown Metropol. The hotel is somewhat out of town, but at least I have a good view of the city from my room. The hotel was chosen more for its close proximity to the airport than anything else.


Asiana Airlines, Business Class – A 321: Naha to Seoul


After spending four blissful days on Okinawa, the time has arrived for me to start on the long journey home. It will take me from Okinawa via Seoul to Frankfurt and then on to Basel. Today however, I will only travel as far as Seoul.

Date: 01 June 2012
From: Naha, Okinawa
To: Seoul Incheon
Airline: Asiana Airlines
Aircraft: Airbus A 321
Class: Business Class
Seat: 2F

Getting to the Airport

There is a Limousine Airport Shuttle bus – not sure where the limousine comes into it – that connects the major hotels in the greater Naha area with the airport. The journey takes about 90 minutes, mainly due to the fact that we keep stopping at various hotels. My flight leaves at 12h30. According to the bus schedule, the 08h13 bus should get me to the airport at 10h00. Not that many people seem to use the bus service and by the time we arrive at the airport the number of passengers has swelled to a mere six persons.


The bus will drop you off at the departures level, on the third floor of the domestic terminal. To reach the international terminal, you first have to take the lift down to ground level, exit the building at the arrivals end, turn left and then walk about two minutes until you see a small, flat building. That is the international terminal.

The large departure hall of the domestic terminal.

It is about 10h05 when I arrive. Check-in for the Asiana flight to Seoul does not start until 10h40. So I settle down in a corner of the building and power up my Kindle until it is time for check-in for my flight. Most airlines seem to do their own handling here in Naha.

When eventually it is my turn to check in, the agent seems somewhat flustered. I suspect she may perhaps never before have laid eyes on a Maltese passport and does not quite know what to do with it. Eventually though, she manages and and checks me all the way through via Seoul and Frankfurt to Basel.


There is none. Instead I am given a voucher to get myself something from the snack bar at the arrivals end of the hall. With more than an hour to go before boarding starts, I decide to leave the international terminal and head over to the livelier domestic terminal.

On the fourth floor I find the lovely Royal Café, with the most godawful coffee I’ve ever had but. At lest the view of the ramp and runway is excellent. Eventually, after watching my flight arriving from Incheon, I head back to the international terminal and go through security.

My flight arriving on the inbound from Seoul.


There is one gate in the international terminal, which has the very simple but appropriate title ‘gate’. There are only remote stands at the international terminal so we are bussed to the aircraft. Goody! I step off the bus and an ANA handling agent sees me with the camera in hand and encourages me to take some more pictures of the plane. How nice is that!

The Cabin

The cabin of this aircraft is newer than the one of the aircraft I had on the flight from Seoul to Fukuoka. It also has slightly different seats and a newer IFE. Of the twelve seats, only five are occupied. I have all of row two to myself, so I can take as many pictures as I like completely unobserved.

The taxi to the runway is short, as the ramp for the international flights is right by the runway threshold. We wait for two aircraft to land before it is finally our turn to depart.


Service begins on the ground with a welcome drink. There is a choice of orange juice or water. After take-off, the cabin crew distribute immigration cards for South Korea and those lovely scented hot towels and shortly after that we are handed the menus. There are two choices for the main course.

The Crew

The crew on this flight are absolutely amazing. They are watchful, very considerate and pay a lot of attention to detail. One of the attendants sees me typing on my laptop, so before she sets my table, she opens the table of the empty seat next to me and offers to place my laptop on it while she prepares the table for lunch. Later on, once I had finished my meal she brings me a saucer to put the coffee cup on so she can remove the rest of the tray and give me more space.

The Meal

First the senior cabin attendant places a tablecloth of crisp linen on the tray table. She then asks each passenger for their choice of meal. Every passenger orders the chicken, which leads me to wonder if perhaps they have a full complement of each meal available in Business Class.

And here it is.

First Course

The salad with the shrimps. There is an Australian dressing with this.

The Main Course

Please note the ginger and the two somewhat substantial cloves of garlic. The guy as immigration will probably pass out when I give him my superstar smile…


Very creamy, very tasty and very good.

And to drink I have a glass of Perrier.


The meal trays are removed and I have some time to relax, enjoy the view and have a nap.

I arrive in Incheon at 14h35, slightly ahead of schedule.

After arrival I’m feeling a bit peckish again, so I head up to the mezzanine floor above departures for some soba noodles.

Getting to the Hotel

After that I take the hotel shuttle outside door 13 to the Hyatt Regency at Incheon. The drive takes maybe 5 minutes.