Air France Platinum Service: Credit where Credit’s due

A few weeks ago, Air France sent me an email advising me that a booking I had pending with them had been cancelled as the result of the COVID19 pandemic. And then I promptly forgot about the booking.

At 10h30 this morning, I figured I needed to get myself and my reservations/cancellations sorted out. So I logged into my Air France account and requested a full refund of my ticket using the corresponding form in the PNR.

Just after 14h00 this afternoon, so the same day, I received two emails from Air France. One was an automated message confirming that the refund had been processed. The other was a message from an employee of the Air France Platinum hotline with more information about the refund process. My interaction with Air France was swift, efficient and very polite.

Thanks a lot Air France!


On 18 March 2020 I called Lufthansa to cancel a First Class ticket. It took me one hour of trying unsuccessfully to actually get on the line to Lufthansa, and then another hour before an agent could attend to me. Since then, I have called Luthansa three more times in this matter. The first time, I was told the refund was being processed as we speak, and I should expect to receive the money within days. Which evidently turned out to be a blatant lie. The second time I called, the agent told me she was “not trained well enough” to be able to tell be what the situation with the ticket was – but promised to call back the next day. Which never happened either, surprisingly. The third time I called, I had a really great guy on the phone – simply because I think he was the first employee of Lufthansa’s so far who was honest. Alas, he honestly could not tell me if and when I might get a refund… five months later I’m still none the wiser.

3 thoughts on “Air France Platinum Service: Credit where Credit’s due”

  1. Thanks for your note; I have to agree that AF has been very responsive and kind when calling the Platinum hotline…. they have delivered a great service to me too with two flights I had with them. Bravo AF!

  2. Does the platinum service cost extra? Or how can Air France afford better refund service? After all, Lufthansa and the like argue that their refund infrastructure is simply not able to cope with the high demand right now. Shouldn’t other airlines suffer from the same problem? Why not Air France? Do you know of any other airlines that offer swift refunds despite the pandemic?

    1. Hi Raph, thanks for commenting. The Platinum service is for the airline‘s top tier frequent flyers. As for Lufthansa, I think it‘s quite simply not true that they are unable to cope. But rather, they are intentionally holding back refunds, especially for expensive tickets, in a bid to stop the cash bleed. However, while I understand their woes, I don‘t think that‘s the way to treat your best customers. Lufthansa owes me a refund for a first class ticket since March. And until they finally make the payment, I refuse to step aboard any one of the Lufthansa group airlines.

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