Presenting the New Salon Air France in Terminal 2F, Paris Roissy Airport

Terminal 2F is the Schengen Terminal for the mainline fleet of Air France. It has two piers. Previously, there was a separate lounge in the tip of each pier, one floor down from the public airside areas. The lounges tended to get crowded quickly. Because they were located on the ground- and first floors, the views were somewhat limited.

Fast forward to the summer of 2021 and Air France has opened a new and very elegant centralised lounge, located right in between the two piers. The new lounge covers a large area and stretches over two floors. There are plenty of seating options on both levels, and there are multiple bars for guests to get food and drinks.

Perhaps the most important improvement of this lounge is that is has a lot more showers, which can be booked at reception. There’s also a dedicated quiet zone, with dimmed light and heavy curtains for passengers in need of a rest.

Most noticeable, the design of the lounge is very beautiful and modern. The centerpiece of the lounge is the grand white staircase leading to the upper level of the lounge. There is plenty of natural light, which is complemented by shifting mood lighting.

It’s difficult to capture just how elegant this lounge is and the sense of space it gives. Personally, I think this new lounge is one of the nicest Business Class lounges I’ve every visited. I also think it’s probably the best Schengen Business Class lounge out the right now.

4 thoughts on “Presenting the New Salon Air France in Terminal 2F, Paris Roissy Airport”

  1. Tot aloy agree with you. I visited it three weeks ago and I thought it was the best improvement implemented by AF in the recent years. Food was superb, I loved al the desserts they had there at lunch time. views were awesome, compared to the previous lounges.

  2. AF’s lounges can be inconsistent. Some are lovely, some not so much. For example outside of France, the lounge at Dulles was revamped and looks like it will be quite nice. The one in Chicago…not so much. Though I do understand there isn’t much they can do there, given the size limitations at that terminal…

    1. I think they will clearly give priority to their own hub lounges first. They also have to contend with the fact that abroad their wishes will always take second place behind those of the hub carrier. In DXB for example, there is a very nice SkyTeam business class lounge, but they don’t have their own First Class lounge.

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